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Ynnovation R & D team has been working in the film industry for more than 20 year. Team members graduated from top universities, such as Peking University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Bigham Young university. 

In the field of EVA Film For V-process Vacuum Casting, our research lab has partnered with Huazhong University of Science and Technology to improve product qualities. The film is widely welcomed in the international market such as India, Malaysia. 

For PVC Heat Shrink Film, Ynnovation first developed the up-rotating technology in 2008, with a production width of 1250mm. This development helps film eliminate “exposed ribs” while keep good flatness and linearity.

Ynnovation R & D team maintains long-term cooperation with the research labs of international oil corporation ( Exxon Mobil, Dow DuPont, Mitsui, etc. ). We jointly test the latest raw materials for exploring new product ideas.


For PE Self-adhesive Protection Film, YNNOVATION takes the lead in developing co-extruded self-adhesive protection films for the surface protection of electronic and prepainted sheet metals for household appliances.

R & D team

Production Line

REINFENHAUSER Blown Film Lines equipped with real-time defect monitoring system

 The team sets up an apprenticeship training system to guide the new generation of employees to master production skills and product knowledge through hands on operations.

Manufacturing Team


100,000-degree cleanroom to ensure the entire production process meets the highest hygiene standards for food and drug

Raw Material


Only raw materials with food and drug hygiene related certificates can be considered to use. Main raw material suppliers are Exxon, Dow, Mitsui Chemicals, and Borealis.

Certificate of International Standards

ISO9001 The Management System

FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System

 Comply with RoHs, Reach and FDA regulation

Equipped with leading inspection machineries, rigorous quality checks are performed both during the processing and after the production in the test laboratories 

Quality Assurance